Armani Casa Sunny Isles Beach Condo Fetches $3.8 Million

By Brosda & Bentley Realtors

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In a testament to the enduring allure of luxury living, a remarkable condominium within the Residences by Armani Casa in Sunny Isles Beach has recently changed hands, leaving a trail of elegance in its wake. The 2,271-square-foot gem, a testament to contemporary opulence, was completed in 2019 and has become the canvas for a new chapter in opulent coastal living.

A Symphony of Space and Style

Situated at 18975 Collins Avenue, this recently constructed residence represents a harmonious blend of architectural finesse and coastal beauty. The condominium, boasting a generous 2,271 square feet of living space, mirrors the commitment to quality and sophistication synonymous with the Armani Casa brand. This coveted property seamlessly marries the tranquility of its coastal location with the unmatched elegance of Armani-designed interiors.

A Transaction of Distinction

On the notable date of October 17, 2023, this luxurious haven found a new owner, further solidifying its status as a coveted piece of Sunny Isles Beach real estate. The purchase price of $3.8 million underscores the exclusivity and desirability of this residence. Breaking down the numbers, this transaction translates to an impressive $1,673 per square foot, a testament to the intrinsic value placed on the Armani Casa lifestyle.

Luxury Defined: Three Bedrooms, Four Bathrooms

The allure of this residence extends beyond its price tag to its meticulously designed interior. Boasting a layout that encompasses three bedrooms and four bathrooms, the property redefines the standards of contemporary living. Each square foot reflects the commitment to a life of both comfort and luxury, echoing the signature style that Giorgio Armani has imprinted on the residences that bear his name.

Residences by Armani Casa: A Continuum of Opulence

This transaction not only represents the exchange of ownership but also underlines the enduring appeal of Residences by Armani Casa. Beyond the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the architectural prowess of the 56-story tower by César Pelli, this acquisition is a passport to a lifestyle curated by one of the most iconic names in fashion and design.

A Tapestry of Features and Amenities

Beyond the intrinsic value of the property, residents at Armani Casa enjoy access to a world-class array of amenities. From the exclusive Armani Privé lounge to the lushly landscaped oceanfront terrace with a heated swimming pool, every facet of daily life is imbued with a touch of sophistication. The 24-hour valet services, security, and concierge services ensure that the residents can immerse themselves in luxury without a moment’s pause.

The Armani Casa Legacy: Timeless Elegance

As this property changes hands, it leaves behind a legacy of timeless elegance and a continuation of the Armani Casa narrative. The seamless integration of modern design, curated art collections, and state-of-the-art amenities ensures that the Armani Casa residences are not merely homes; they are living works of art.

The $3.8 million transaction for this 2,271-square-foot condominium at Residences by Armani Casa is not just a real estate transaction; it’s a testament to the enduring allure of a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary. With every square foot, residents are not just buying a home; they are investing in the legacy of Armani Casa — a legacy that blends sophistication, style, and the everlasting beauty of Sunny Isles Beach.

Armani Casa Sunny Isles Beach Condos For Sale And For Rent. Brosda and Bentley Realtors (305) 788–9393
Armani Casa Sunny Isles Beach Condos For Sale And For Rent. Brosda and Bentley Realtors (305) 788–9393
Armani Casa Sunny Isles Beach Condos For Sale And For Rent. Brosda and Bentley Realtors (305) 788–9393

In the heart of Sunny Isles Beach, Residences by Armani Casa isn’t just real estate; it’s a legacy of sophistication and enduring allure. Recently sold at $3.8M, this 3-bed, 4-bath gem redefines opulent coastal living. A harmonious blend of style and space, it reflects the iconic Armani Casa narrative, offering a curated lifestyle beyond ordinary. Explore the legacy today!

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