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By Brosda and Bentley Realtors

Welcome to Bay Harbor Islands, a hidden gem nestled between Miami Beach and North Miami. This charming and exclusive community offers a peaceful retreat with a touch of sophistication. Here’s a glimpse of what makes Bay Harbor Islands a unique and inviting destination:

Boutique Shopping: Bay Harbor Islands is home to a selection of upscale boutiques and shops, making it a haven for those seeking a more intimate shopping experience. Explore the local stores along Kane Concourse, where you’ll find a curated collection of fashion, jewelry, and home decor.

Bal Harbour Shops Proximity: Just a stone’s throw away from Bay Harbor Islands is the renowned Bal Harbour Shops. Indulge in luxury retail therapy at this world-class shopping destination, featuring high-end brands, designer boutiques, and exquisite dining options. It’s a convenient luxury for residents and visitors alike.

Quaint Dining Destinations: While Bay Harbor Islands may be small, it boasts a variety of dining options that cater to different tastes. Enjoy a cozy meal at local favorites like The Palm Grill or explore international flavors at places like Tandoor Indian Restaurant. The intimate dining atmosphere adds a personal touch to the culinary experience.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere: With its tranquil streets and well-maintained parks, Bay Harbor Islands is a family-friendly haven. The local community actively participates in events and activities, creating a close-knit neighborhood feel. The Tot Lot and the 96th Street Park provide recreational spaces for children, making it an ideal place for families to settle.

Biscayne Bay Views: Bay Harbor Islands offer picturesque views of Biscayne Bay, adding a touch of waterfront charm to the community. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the bayfront promenade or simply take in the scenic beauty from one of the many vantage points throughout the islands.

Art in Public Places: Explore the public art installations that dot the landscape of Bay Harbor Islands. The town’s commitment to incorporating art into public spaces adds a creative and cultural dimension to the community. Discover sculptures and art pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the area.

Peaceful Residential Enclave: Bay Harbor Islands are primarily residential, providing a peaceful and serene environment for residents. The well-manicured streets, lush greenery, and stylish architecture contribute to the upscale ambiance that defines the community.

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