Faena Theater at Faena Hotel: Unveiling ALLURA Cabaret

By Brosda and Bentley Realtors

The Faena Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury and artistic expression in Miami Beach. At its epicenter lies the Faena Theater, an intimate gilded space that draws inspiration from Europe’s grand opera houses and the allure of Old Hollywood. Here, ambitious artistic productions and highly-acclaimed cabaret performances come to life, captivating audiences in a mesmerizing experience that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Location: 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

An Atmospheric Adventure Awaits: Step into the Faena Theater, and an atmospheric adventure awaits you. The golden hues, ornate detailing, and intimate setting set the stage for an extraordinary journey. This theatrical haven becomes the canvas for a new and electrifying contemporary cabaret production — ALLURA.

ALLURA Cabaret: A Multiverse Exploration: ALLURA, Faena Theater’s latest production, invites you to embark on an intoxicating journey into the multiverse. Futurism, fashion, seduction, and high-performance technology converge in this ethereal and exhilarating voyage through the infinite paths of space and time. The stage becomes a portal to parallel universes, where artistry and technology dance in harmony.

Show Details:

  • Days: Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays
  • Features: Entrancing music, astonishing light technology, and breathtaking burlesque and dance choreography.
  • Flair: A thrilling Latin twist and a classic 80’s musical vibe add excitement to the performance.
  • Ensemble: Faena Live and Quixotic unveil a new ensemble of world-renowned choreographers, singers, dancers, musicians, and digital artists.
  • Immersive Experience: Audiences are taken on an immersive ride through mesmerizing holographic constructions, interactive data structures, and motion capture, inviting them to explore the divine matrices intrinsic to all creation.

Ticket Information:

  • Starts at: $100
  • Book: Click HERE to book now
  • Contact: +1 786 655 5742

Important Details:

  • Check-in: Begins 45 minutes prior to showtime
  • Doors Close: Promptly at showtime. No late admittance
  • Age Restriction: Guests 18+ welcome. Valid ID required upon arrival

Faena Theater’s ALLURA Cabaret promises an unforgettable experience where artistic mastery and mystique converge into a powerful visionary force. Join us as we peel back the fabric of the known and delve deeper into the divine matrices encoded within the heartbeat of creation. Secure your tickets now for a night of enchantment, exploration, and entertainment at the Faena Theater, where the magic of ALLURA awaits.

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