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An Introduction on how to Buy or Sell Real estate in Ethereum or Bitcoin | Brosda And Bentley Realtors

Many buyers and sellers today would like to make real estate transactions in Florida using Cryptocurrencies due to liquidity issues of fiat currencies in other countries as well as the popularity and rise of value in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, etcetera. Yet real estate transactions with cryptocurrencies are often complex, and if you don’t have right resources a correct real estate firm is a valued asset to represent your best interest. Brosda And Bentley Realtors makes it easier, and they are now accepting Real estate transactions in cryptocurrency.

 The market to buy and sell Real estate with cryptocurrency is growing rapidly. Currently about 100,000 major merchants throughout the world accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as a payment method. However, the process of transacting real estate with cryptocurrencies often also has certain difficulties. Brosda and Bentley Realtors is now helping to make it easier!

 To sell or buy real estate with Bitcoin, a person has two main options. The first is to complete the transaction individually. While this is commonly done, it often poses certain challenges, namely that many major institutions, such as banks and various local governments still do not recognize Bitcoin or Ethereum as a standard method of payment. As such, the buyer or seller must make separate cash transactions to these various entities during the process. Another hurdle to face is that the buyer can often make a payment, and the seller will not deed the title and vice-versa. Due to certain title ordinances in Florida as well as other states, the buyer also cannot purchase title insurance; thus, the buyer assumes the additional risk of bearing the cost of any property title defects. To buy and sell Real Estate with Ethereum or Bitcoin can also incur certain time delays if not carried out properly.

 Recently around the world many titled properties, often valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, are being transacted virtually with cryptocurrency. Yet these transactions also carry pitfalls and certain risks. The second, safer option is to sell and buy real estate with Ethereum through a brokerage firm or an intermediary. Brosda and Bentley Realtors has a proven model for best facilitating this process. It provides no additional costs to the seller, and it often dramatically shortens the time for transactions, from a matter of weeks or months to days. Unlike when buying cryptocurrency on an exchange, this does not need to be reported as a taxable event. Finally, Brosda and Bentley Realtors also has a proven way of verifying a buyer’s purchase and can also prepare all the needed legal documents, such as the affidavit, involved in such exchanges. This firm knows how to limit the risks as well as the time constraints needed to sell or buy real estate most conveniently with cryptocurrency.

Buyers and sellers are becoming more interested in real estate closings with virtual payment options, in part because of their recent rising value. These transactions can also be done more quickly and with increased automation. There are still, however, several major pitfalls to avoid; Brosda and Bentley Realtors functions as an intermediary broker to facilitate the process, making it much easier and harboring much less risk for their clients.

 Brosda and Bentley Realtors of South Florida is an organization that has helped thousands of businesses and individuals close their real estate sales and purchases. They have received several awards and 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. They are announcing that they will buy or sell real estate with Ethereum and cryptocurrency as payment for transactions at Bitcoin, 2023. Bitcoin 2023 taking place at the Miami conversion center at Miami Beach, Florida between May 18-20,2023.

 Bitcoin, 2023 is an event that hosts a series of workshops and press releases concerning the implementation of Blockchain. Bitcoin, 2023 and real estate are related, as this event highlights how to best conduct real estate transactions with cryptocurrency. To buy or sell real estate with cryptocurrency is fast becoming more commonplace today.

 For more information about Brosda And Bentley Realtors please call (786) 363-8551 or email info@brosdaandbentley.com or visit www.BrosdaandBentley.com.

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